I have exciting news today - TCKmom just passed it's first birthday!! It was a year ago that I posted my first article and the website "went live". What a year it's been! When I started working on this blog at the end of 2014, I had no idea what 2015 would hold. It was not the best year for blogging, and sadly things were silent for several months. But I'm excited that TCKmom is still going, and hopeful that God will continue to use this forum for ladies to ask questions, give advice, and encourage each other!


Here are some of your favorite posts from the year:


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TCKmom Life:

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Practical Advice:

Your Child's Biggest Enemy

Doing Laundry Overseasamazon gift card

Routines for Little People

So let's celebrate by doing another giveaway! The prize will be the same (everyone loves an Amazon gift card, right?), but this time it might take a little more work from you to enter the drawing. Here's your assignment:

Write "A Day in the Life of This TCKmom"


It can be a paragraph, a whole blog post, an hour-by-hour schedule, or a creative poem. Use your imagination! It doesn't matter if you're not currently living overseas, or if your children are grown. You can write in the present (what a day looks like right now) or chose a time/place from the past. You are also welcome to focus on one part of the day, rather than covering every aspect of an entire day.


**This is NOT a writing contest! You will not be judged by what you write or how it is written!** Those who submit something will be entered in a random drawing for the gift card giveaway.


I hope to use a collection of what is submitted for blog post(s). Please include your name & location if you want it to be included with your submission.


Submit your entry HERE (or you can hit "reply" if you're receiving this by email) by Thursday, February 11. The winner will be announced on Feb. 12th.


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