Wow, ladies! I'm tempted to do a giveaway like this more often! Although we did not have a large number of entries, there are some great blog posts that will be coming out of this. :-) Thank you so much to those who took the time and made the effort to particpate.

And the winner is . . . ROXANNE!  (She has been notified by email.)

Thank you also for all your encouragement. There are days when I feel very inadequate and even presumptuous to be blogging about life overseas. I wish I was a seasoned vetran with 40 years of experience under my belt. Instead I'm a young mama who only lived overseas for three years, and I feel like I have so little to offer. But over and over again recently the readers of TCKmom have encouraged me to keep it up. And so I will - if I can bless just one lonely soul who is far from friends and family, then my goal has been accomplished! I do welcome your contributions, or even your ideas of how I can better use TCKmom to meet the needs of our readers. Check here if you want ideas of how you can write for TCKmom.


And one more thing - a peek behind the scenes here. How do we do a giveaway? At this point I am not techy enough (nor do I have a big enough participation) to use one of those fancy automatic raffle programs. SOO we do it the old-fashioned way! The morning after the deadline, I write down all the names of the participants on seperate slips of paper. If it's a giveaway that you can enter multiple times (this one was not) then I write each name as many times as they entered! Then I put all the papers into a tall plastic container and give it to my four-year-old. He gets the fun of shaking it up, and then holding it for the two-year-old, who draws a peice of paper. Once the boys have verified that it's just one paper, not two or three, they bring it to me and I read the name. They love this process, even though they have no clue what's actually happening! :-)


Keep your eyes open for the first "Day in the Life of a TCKmom" coming soon!

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