I'm so excited that TCKmom is finally up and running. This is a dream I've had for months and months already. There is such a need for practical support when you're figuring out life in a new country. My hope is that someday this website will not just be a personal blog, but can actually become a community forum where anyone can post a question and recieve answers from many other ladies.

Because, you see, I can't do this alone.

I've only lived in Africa. I can't relate to the unique challenges of Asia, or Europe, or South America.

My boys are still preschool-age. I can't offer a lot of wisdom in raising older children overseas.

That's why we all need each other. That's why I want this to become a community, not just a personal blog. Because we all have unique experiences to offer, unique areas of gifting and wisdom to help each other out.

So do help me out, ladies! Comment on posts . . . submit a post of your own . . . suggest topics for discussion . . . offer to interview an older woman in your field . . . let's make this a community of support and help for each other.


And to celebrate the day of small beginnings, let's have a giveaway! We all love Amazon, right? I don't know what I would do without my Kindle, and the access it gives me to new books overseas. So I want to give a $10 Amazon gift card - so one of you special ladies can buy yourself a new book. :-) Or use it for anything else on Amazon!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is comment on any existing or future post on TCKmom in the coming week. To enter more than once, comment on more than one post! You can also sign up to receive our posts by email, to have your name entered an additional time. I will be announcing the winner next Saturday!


Let's open the comments below for ideas, suggestions, questions, or a topic you would like to see discussed at TCKmom. Then drop me an email here if you're inspired to write a guest post on any of the suggested topics!

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