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What do you recommend for a women's devotional? What's your favorite book on womanhood? What resources have helped you understand and fulfill your unique calling as a woman? This can be specific to one aspect of womanhood - such as being a wife - or just for women in general. Please share with us!

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  • Reclaiming Eve: The Identity and Calling of Women in the Kingdom of God
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  • Surprised by Motherhood - Lisa-Jo Baker (This would go in a separate motherhood category, as it's not necessarily for all women.

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  • Guest - Sara

    I appreciate the She Reads Truth website and devotionals. While there are no shortcuts taken in quality, I am consistently pointed to the Word and challenged in the few minutes I have online.

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  • Guest - Linda

    The blog/website Velvet Ashes has been essential in finding encouragement and truth in learning what it means to be a woman living as an overseas missionary.

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  • Anything and everything by Elisabeth Elliot. A lot is available online. I used to read transcripts of her radio shows all the time. I don't know if they're still available?

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  • For married women, I really like "Fascinated Womanhood". I've read it multiple times, and it always gives me a fresh perspective on our marriage.

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  • One book by Elisabeth Elliot specifically on the topic of womanhood is "Let Me Be a Woman." I highly recommend it!

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  • Guest - Toker

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  • Guest - victoria keating

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