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What resources were the most helpful to you in preparing to move overseas? What books do you recommend to those who are preparing? Do you have a favorite resource specifically for expats or overseas workers that has shed light on your journey or made a tough situation easier? Maybe it's a book, a website, an audio course or DVD - whatever has been helpful to you, whether before or after you moved overseas, please share it with us!

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  • TCKMom, of course. :-) You started this website not long before we moved to Africa, so it was perfect timing for me. I also like for a lot of input and advice from other women serving overseas.

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  • It has honestly been so long that I can't remember! In the past few weeks, though, I've recommended a country-specific book to several people. This is really good for anyone headed to Ukraine:
    Do other people have region/country resources to offer? Is it okay that I am doing that?

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  • Guest - Linda

    This blog post gives practical advice and includes a link to a free downloadable Expat Packing Planner. Helpful for when you have no idea how to pack...

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  • "Have We No Rights?" by Mabel Williamson is a book that helped put things in perspective and prepare me for some of the challenges--the "laying down my rights"--that I would face overseas.

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  • Guest - Jodie Toews

    "The Expert Expat" is written by a couple military wives who move often who give lots of practical advice on packing, the visa process, language learning, how to help you and your family through the transitions, how to make a new place feel like home, etc. Very good for the details of living overseas.

    "Expectation and Burnout: Women Fulfilling the Great Commission" has given me a fresh perspective on my expectations (whether known or not) as well as great advice on how to think and pray through expectations in order to know if they are too high or need to be brought down to reality.

    "Bridges" is a great study series that helps inform believers about ISlam and how to build bridges with Muslims in order to open up opportunities to effectively share the Gospel. It is a series put out my the Crescent Project.

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  • Guest - Sara

    Expectations and burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission by Robin Bliss and Sue Eenigenburg was an amazing read and so helpful as I reflect on our time in Ghana.

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  • Guest - ab

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  • Guest - Sadaf

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