It's the last day of Giveaway Week! Today's question . . .

What question do YOU have for our readers? What do you need advice on? What type of resource are YOU looking for? What topics do you think should be addressed on a website for women living overseas? Let us know in the comments below, or send me an email!


Also, if you have a resource that you really love, that hasn't been covered in this week's topics, please share it today! We don't want to miss something good! :-)

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  • Are there any books or websites geared towards raising children overseas? I'm thinking specifically of transitions, goodbyes, crossing cultures, etc.

    Another cookbook I would reccommend for anyone serving in Africa is "A Taste Of Africa". It was compiled mostly by women who have served in Ghana and Tanzania, and has lots of authentic recipes as well as creative ways to use local foods in "western" dishes.

    from Tanzania
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  • There are some good books . . . I'll work on coming up with a list. As for websites . . . that's part of the reason I started this one - I'm not really aware of any! occasionally has excellent articles on TCKs, as does Velvet Ashes.

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  • I've had questions all week... many more questions than answers. But I'll keep it to one for now and wait to see if perhaps my questions are addressed with out me asking. =) What resources do people use to home school their children overseas? When you haul all your books with you there is a limit--and no more are available except for those good 'ole totes that come far too rarely... and anyone who has packed totes knows just how fast they fill up when you're packing books.

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  • I'd love to know what kinds of questions you have . . . sometimes I run out of ideas for topics to write about. :-) So if you ever want to send me an email, I'd welcome it!

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  • I would love to see some financial, tax, and maybe insurance resources. There was a recent discussion of retirement on A Life Overseas, and that was helpful. Maybe most people have missions who handle those kinds of questions for them, but not all do.

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  • This is a good one - although it's an area that I know next to nothing about! Anyone else have any resources or want to give advice in the area of finances?

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  • Oh, and yes! I just saw Jenny's question. I could talk homeschooling resources all day long. :)

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  • Guest - Linda

    Something I heard about that has been an inspirational resource for me is the book "The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful." The book is beautiful and available for e-readers as well as a hard copy. It has special comments and sections for people like missionaries who are frequently in transition. If you value making your house a home (even without Target around the corner), the book is encouraging and inspiring. Also fun is the blog:

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  • Guest - wiliam

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  • Guest - Zoobia

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