About TCKmom

TCKmom is a connecting place for women living overseas. Our goal is to share experiences and advice to help each other in the practical challenges of expat life. Need to know how to cook cassava? Ask your fellow expats here! Need advice on how to start homeschooling with no resources? Search our archives for ideas and suggestions. Need to clean mold off your books . . . or prepare your kids for home-leave . . . or just want to vent a little about your awful week? TCKmom is the community for you!


Why the name?

TCK stands for third culture kid, a term coined in the 50's for children who grow up in a culture different from their parents' culture. The child therefore has 3 cultures - his parents' culture (which is usually his passport country), his host culture (which often feels the most like home to him) and his own unique culture, a combination of the two. I also like to use the term third culture homemaker to describe the challenges I face in finding a balance between my home culture and my host culture as I cook, clean and raise my family overseas. Hence the name TCKmom - a woman raising TCKs and running a home in a culture different from the one she grew up in.


TCKmom's Story

At the end of my first three years on the field, I felt one need more than anything else: the need to connect with other moms to discuss practical challenges and share advice. An avid reader of "mommy blogs", I searched in vain for one that gave ideas and tips applicable to life on the mission field. Finding none, I decided to start my own, and so TCKmom was born. **Please be patient and stick around! We have lots of ideas for TCKmom but are still just getting started!**


All are Welcome!

Although our target audience is missionary mothers who are raising TCKs, we welcome others as well. If you are a homemaker overseas, you have valuable advice to offer even if you don't have children! Likewise if you are living the expat life for a reason other than missions, we welcome your input. And as a young mother myself, I crave advice from older women who have been where I am - even if you are no longer living on the field!

So a warm welcome to you as you join our growing community here. Look around. Ask a question. Offer some advice. Sign up to receive updates by email so that you don't miss a post. Let's help each other out!


About Me

My name is Melissa, and I'm a 30-something wife and mother. Living in Ghana, West Africa for the first three years of motherhood, I know the struggles and challenges of being a mom overseas. Now for a season, I'm figuring out how to raise our three boys - a baby, a two-year-old, and a four-year-old - in the States. But my heart is still overseas, and I want to support and bless my many friends who are raising their children far from 'home'.

I love God and my husband, Luke, first and most of all. After that, I love my boys who started their lives as TCKs, loved living overseas, and love connecting with other women - and it was out of those three loves that TCKmom was born.

Is TCKmom a business for me? Many women blog for profit, as a side business to supplement their family income. There are three main ways to profit from a blog - by selling advertising, by selling your own products (such as an ebook), or by partnering with others to promote their products. At this point, TCKmom does none of the above. This blog is not a source of income, in fact I use my personal money to maintain the website and do giveaways. I'm not here to sell you something, I'm here to help, encourage, and bless you.