As my little guys get older, I am putting more thought into purposefully teaching them what they need to know - everything from ABCs and 123s, to life skills like zippers and going potty, to Bible stories and character qualities. I was listening to a "webinar" for moms, and the suggestion was made to focus on one character trait each month. I loved that idea, so that's what we're planning to implement - starting in November, which is just a few days away!

What better character trait to focus on in November than "thankfulness", right? I'm still working on ideas and gathering materials for how to do that, but here's one idea that I'm excited about. I think it will work well with my preschoolers, but I'm sure it would be great for older children as well: We're going to make a Thankful Paper Chain! So starting November 1st, every night at supper we're going to talk about one thing that we're thankful for. I will write that thing on a strip of fall-colored paper and start a paper chain. Instead of counting down to Thanksgiving, we'll count UP as our paper chain grows with things we're thankful for!

Sound like fun? Here are a few more ideas I found:

Thanksgiving rolls with a surprise inside

A "Gratitude Game" which comes with 30 ideas for teaching gratitude

A cute idea for an interactive object lesson (aimed at preschoolers)

When we get closer to Thanksgiving, these handprint spice turkeys look like a nice aromatic craft. :-)

Here are some writing prompts for older kids and also some for younger children

Memory Verses on Thankfulness:

This site has some excellent activities, printable worksheets for older children, and beautiful Bible verse printables on the subject of thankfulness.

Here are 30 Bible verses about giving thanks, with a question/discussion prompt to go with each verse.

Another printable list of verses on thankfulness, as well as a simple craft

Lastly, here is a whole study on thankfulness, with lesson plans, memory verses, object lessons, crafts and activities.

And what Bible stories am I planning to use?

The Israelites grumbling in the wilderness, from Exodus 15-17

The story of Namaan, from 2 Kings 5

The Ten Lepers, from Luke 17

David's Thankful Heart, from the Psalms

So what do you think? Do you have any activities or ideas for teaching your children to be thankful? What other Bible stories can be used to teach thankfulness? I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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