We all know that for a wife and mommy, the reality of culture shock sometimes hits home in the kitchen. What on earth am I going to make that my family will enjoy, something that's nutritious as well?  You open any typical American cookbook and gaze at the recipes calling for a can of condensed soup or pounds of meat or cups (CUPS!) of cheese and quickly slam it shut before homesickness hits too hard.

I don't even keep a typical cookbook in my African house. However, I do have a few international cookbooks within reach at all times. These have been such a huge help to me. Sometimes for actual recipes and other times just for inspiration.


1. The Wycliffe Cookbook
This cookbook was compiled by Wycliffe members in many countries. It has lots of simple recipes and lots of variations. If you don't have something, this cookbook will likely give you a substitute idea.

2. The More With Less cookbook
Lots of simple recipes with basic ingredients.

3. Extending the Table
This one is full of international recipes. I have found that though i live in Africa, many times it is much easier to get my hands on the ingredients for Indian or Middle Eastern food than Western food (that seems to be dominated by meat and cheese). I love this cookbook - there are lots of stories and quotes in it that make for fun cookbook browsing!

4. Taste of Africa

This was actually compiled by our missionaries in West Africa. Lots of good simple recipes, some unique to W. Africa. Great ideas of how to simplify American foods or use local foods to make "American" dishes!


Do you have any cookbook recommendations?

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  • I don't know how I would have survived overseas without the Taste of Africa cookbook! I am currently working on an ebook version of this book that will be available through TCKmom. Let me know if you're interested in that!

    I would also add to the list "Basics and More". It definitely has some of those recipes with CUPS of cheese that make you homesick! But I used it a lot for ideas and base recipes when I was trying to reproduce American treats.

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  • I don't have much experience with the other two, but I use the Extending the Table cookbook and the Taste of Africa cookbook a lot! I like to have one cookbook on hand with basic American recipes too. The other "cookbook" that I use frequently is...Mr. Google! :) A great source of all kinds of recipes--if you have a good enough internet connection.

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  • Guest - Jodie Toews

    I've got three of those books in my tote to take to Indonesia. I guess I'm on the right track. :)

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  • This is a wonderful list! I have heavily depended on the Wycliffe Cookbook and The Taste Of Africa since we're here. I love the Wycliffe cookbook for its charts, mixes, and substitutions (I never can remember the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit, so that chart comes in handy quite often). The Taste Of Africa is my handbook too. . .I love being able to pick up almost any recipe in there and know I'll be able to make it or a variation of it with things I can easily get here.

    from Mbeya, Tanzania
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  • Guest - Allen

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