READER QUESTION: Although we do want to live as the people around us (to a certain extent), we want our children to have a broader worldview than our little African courtyard. Their roots are American, their extended family is American. They will spend furloughs in America, Lord willing, and there they will learn a lot. But my question is: What do others do to broaden their children's world view while on the field? Books...but we can't just run to the library. Online resources...but ...well, it's not the healthiest thing to depend on and some of us prefer to have our homes less techy rather than more. Pictures and videos from the folks at home, doing their normal life the American way....and I do like that idea, as it not only shows the American life style, but keeps a connection with dear family at home. Any other ideas? What do others do?




Let's share ideas and experiences. Do you have any favorite books that help broaden your children's worldview? What else do you do?



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