Where I live, it's not so easy to find clothes for my little girls. And it is very, very easy for my little girls to ruin their clothes, as almost all their play involves dirt in some form or another :)


Here are a few very simple ways to whip up a little dress in less than 30 minutes... okay... in a short time, anyway. Some of these dresses are not your classiest ever, but at least my kids look halfway decent again for as long as it lasts! You will need a sewing machine and some basic sewing skills.



SHIRT DRESS (picture 1)


Find a ladies' shirt (men's would work too). Cut up the sides (see pic 2). Hem the sleeves. Sew up the sides. Done.





Find a sleeveless blouse with a round neckline. Or, if there is a collar, just cut it off. Use bias tape to finish off the neckline. Thread thin elastic through the neck. Tighten to fit, sew to fasten. If desired, you can take in the sides a bit to make it less blousy. I added a strip of contrasting fabric to the hem to lengthen it. Done. (I have also heard of people making a similar dress out of a pillowcase!)



T-SHIRT DRESS (picture 4)


Winner for comfort! Find a t-shirt. Find a piece of matching fabric. Or vice versa ;) Gather the fabric onto the waist of the t-shirt (note: this is not the bottom of the shirt but where the natural waistline would be). I often add elastic in between the shirt and the skirt so the shirt doesn't stretch out as you sew. Hem the skirt. Done.



PEASANT DRESS (picture 5,6)


My favorite. There is an excellent free pattern for this dress here: For my oldest (3 years old) I often add some elastic in the waist. This pattern is so versatile and can make a tunic or shirt as well, and sleeves in any length. And while you're at it, why not make a matching dress for the baby? :)



Toddler Dress

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