I'm so excited to share a resource with you today! I was recently searching for online resource for parents of TCKs, and came across an amazing SIL website. There are hundreds of resources here - books, articles, websites, and so on, addressing nearly every area of raising TCKs. I hope you can be encouraged, instructed, and blessed by this website!


SIL's resources for families overseas


I also want to share a short list of books for TCKs or their parents. Some of these books are not written by Christians, but are still helpful in understanding the TCK experience. Please use your own discretion.


The Expat Bookshop


 Happy Clicking! :-)

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  • Thanks, Melissa. Definitely going to be doing some reading... I'm feeling just a little at sea in dealing with the beginnings of homesickness and "noticing what we're missing" with our 9 year old. We're also facing a lot of decisions that affect the children in how we relate with the ministry we're working in connection with here. We want them to be "narrowed up" to reflect the convictions we value... what a challenge when no one else around you shares those values. I'd love to have some input on these questions... =)

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