I shall do a mock interview with this little midget, and you can take it as truth or fiction, however you like. Fact is, if I were to ask her these questions, she would probably look at me and say, “Huhn.”, which means sit down, and pat the couch beside her. If I didn’t comply, she very well might follow me around saying, “Mama, mama!”, and waving her little patty to tell me to come. SO. I’m not going to really ask her these questions. For one thing, her language is very limited and for another, she’s in bed right now.

Serenity, what do you do all day?

“Well, I get up somewhere between 6 and 6:30 and then I whine and follow mama around because my tummy is so hungry and if I get up at 6:00 I have to wait a half an hour for food. And then I feed myself breakfast and have to be washed up (and my tray, too, but Davina’s learning how to do that job) because if there’s anything smeary, I like to smear it. And we often have smeary things like oatmeal and cream of wheat or greasy eggs (that’s usually when David makes breakfast, though—mama doesn’t like to use so much oil).

“Maybe I should hurry up in my telling or I’ll never get this done. I don’t have any chores like David and Davina, but mama has to get me dressed and combed after breakfast and Bible Time. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you about Bible Time. I’m learning to sit still but I mostly have trouble almost every morning ‘cause I don’t really get that much out of the Bible yet and sitting there sucking my thumb gets boring. But I know what to do when Daddy says it’s time to pray and I fold my little pats together quite saintly. Mama still tells me I’m so CUTE, whatever that means.

“After that David and Davina have lots of chores and I just play and stuff. I’m pretty tired by the time they start school, so I sit in my high chair ‘till it’s time for me to sleep and watch them work. They do fun things like writing and coloring and stuff and mama usually gives me something to write. She never lets me use the funnest things, though, like the markers. One time when she did I wrote all over my tray—I think that’s why. Then I get to have my nap—but usually the electricity is off right then, so I get all sweaty from 9:00 to 10:00 when it goes back on. But I’m usually asleep so I don’t notice. Mama says that while I’m sleeping is the best time to get school done. When I get up I often have to be on the mat for a while and play with Play-dough or Little People or something. I like my Little People a lot—I call them “baby” ‘cause one of them is a little baby and that’s my favorite.

“Auntie fixes lunch for us and sometimes it’s so spicy I have to drink lots of water. We always have rice at lunchtime because that’s the way it’s done here. On Saturday when mama fixes lunch it’s usually not rice, though—she made samosas last time. That’s all we had: just samosas and ketchup and water, and it took mama more than an hour to make it. But it was good, I’m not complaining. Davina washed dishes after lunch and David usually plays quietly and since I’m full, I usually find something to do by myself. I like to play dolly so much that sometimes I do that.

“After the children are done with their chores we get to play together. I don’t know what we do—lots of things. David and Davina usually play with me and they like to play games like building houses with cushions and chairs or chasing each other around the house. The other day I didn’t know what to do and I stuck my finger in the fan. Mama told me not to and Davina did, too, but I learned the hard way. I got to have a bandaid, but I only left it on for half an hour or so. It bothered me. Sometimes David and Davina go outside and I feel left out because mama won’t let me go out with them. Then I howl in the garage and sometimes I get shlake and sometimes I get to go out in the stroller. It’s naptime after that… again. Sometimes in the afternoons I can’t sleep and then I keep Davina up, too. Mama says something has to change… hey, maybe I’ll get to just sleep one nap now! But I’d still have to go in my bed in the mornings anyway, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

“Well, this day is getting long. In the evening we do different things—about once a week we go marketing, other times we play together and Daddy and Mama play with us, too. Occasionally we go to the Park and sometimes something else is happening. I don’t go out of the house very much, but the other day mama needed something in town so I got to go with Daddy all by myself. That was the first time I got to do that. I could barely see over the edge of the scooter, but I held on tight. It’s really not dangerous because Daddy is a good driver and careful. One time when we were all in town together at the shop where we buy office things someone came by really fast and knocked the scooter over and bent the hand brake. I’m glad we weren’t all on the scooter when that happened.

“I almost always have a bath in the evening. I’m learning to take a shower. I love water, so baths are always a treat. I have a problem behind my ear and I sometimes have heat rash so I usually get all powdered and creamed up before I go to bed. That’s usually at 7 or 7:30, and I don’t know what happens after that.”

Serenity, do you like India?

“Yes, but I didn’t like all the people at first. Everyone pinches my cheeks and goos at me and they often give me candy. But really, it’s not that different than USA because Daddy and Mama and David and Davina are here. I got to see Grandpa and Grandma on Skype the other day and I just chattered all the words I knew how to say because I was so glad to see them. Even after I was done talking to them I kept checking to see if they were there by shouting “PAWPAW” every few minutes. I miss them and I talk about A. Bepah sometimes, too, and I know everyone’s names because I see them in the photo album mama made.”

Okay, that’s the end of the interview. Serenity got up from her nap and got hungry and I keep getting interrupted. =)

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