I wanted to write today's post as a thorough answer to this reader's question. But I simply don't have the answers! So instead I'm just posting the question and hoping that the rest of you can help us out!


Hi!  My husband and I have begun talking about starting a family, but we're overwhelmed just thinking about how we will plan for childbirth.  I've heard stories of women going back to their passport country for childbirth, and I've also heard stories from women who give birth in their assignment countries.  What are the factors we should consider when making this decision?  What about traveling before and after birth, family help, or separation from my husband if I need to travel and he needs to stay and "hold down the fort"?  I'd love to hear the wisdom your readers have on this topic, especially about what some needs may be that a new mom might not expect!  Thank you!

Please help us! What kinds of things need to be considered here, ladies? If you gave birth overseas, what was your expereince, and how did you make that choice? If you traveled back to your passport country for childbirth, how did you plan, what factors did you have to consider? How long were you away from your assignment country? Have any of our readers been seperated from their husbands for childbirth? What kinds of questions should this potential new mom be asking right now?

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