I am returning, yet again, to our reader's question from several weeks ago. How do we raise our children in a setting where no one around us shares our values? How do we help them develop and adopt the same convictions that are important to us? I sent this question to a vetran mother of nine, who has spent over 20 years raising her children on the field. Following is the advice she so graciously gave me to share with you.

Let us look at some of the advantages of being on a foreign field.
    1) Family (siblings and parents) become best friends. (That is if you take care to keep relationships strong and healthy!)
     2) Children are not facing constant peer pressure from other children/youth from their own culture because of living in a different culture.
     3) Children grow up with "being different" because they grow up in a culture different from their own..........this can aid them in being different for Christ!

It seems highly important to give much teaching to our children and impress upon our children to have a right attitude toward authority. This is something that has been trodden down sooo much in our day!
Above all we must pray for our children everyday! We can't keep our children but God can and will!!

Here are some things to teach our children while still young --
1) Teach the importance of obeying authority whether the child understands why or not. Help them understand the promises and blessings of obeying as stated in Eph. 6:1-3
*This is soo important! Parents have so much more wisdom since they have lived long enough to see the results of choices made. 

2) Be serious to teach the principles of Scripture that never change, though practical outworking may vary to some extent.
3) Teach the importance of " Daring to be a Daniel" or standing alone! Admit that we do some things differently than other Christians (one has this on the home front as well) but that is OK! II Cor. 10:12 What others do sometimes -- under God we cannot! This does not make us better than others...absolutely not! We believe that we are quite accountable before God for the values we have been taught by Godly parents and we may not lightly throw them aside! Others may not have had this advantage. Children can be helped to understand that there are reasons for the things we require of them and as they get older they can be taught the real reasons.

****For one example-- We simply want to keep away from all the distractions that this world has to offer to keep our feet on the holy highway and/or to have a single eye on the Lord and His Kingdom! Fathers are to teach their children under God and will stand accountable for this!

***God had a special blessing for the Rechabites in the OT. for their obedience to their father! This shows how important this is to God! Ross preached a message on our last furlough and he mentioned some about authority. He mentioned the blessing of God on the Rechabites! One of our daughters gave this testimony that really put a stamp on what he said. She mentioned that her Daddy gave them a "Rechabite law" to stop playing volley ball every Sun. and she is so glad! If he had not, she is not sure where she would be today?! Unknown to her Daddy, she was so taken up with sports....... but this "law" kept her.

Here is the story .... Our children/youth were playing volley ball regularly with the church and neighborhood youth on Sunday afternoons. It became a big deal every Sun.! Ross came to sense that he needs to put a stop to this...sensed it was taking our children's hearts and was not the best. It was a "big pill" for our youth to chew but they did bow their hearts to Daddy! PTL!
It seems like fathers sometimes sense the need to make "a law" and can not always explain all the reasons why?! God can and does lead an authority in this way at times as He seeks God's heart for the welfare of his family. It works out best if the subjects submit to this for their own spiritual well being.


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