As moms of third culture kids, perhaps we've all done a little reading on the subject. Maybe we own a book or two about raising TCKs or being a TCK. We've probably seen lists of characteristics of TCKs, or challenges that TCKs often face.

Or maybe our children are young enough that it hasn't made much difference in their lives yet. We know that someday, if we stay overseas long-term, it will affect who our children are. But right now they don't see color and culture, and they don't know that they are growing up between worlds with the mysterious designation of "TCK".

My little ones were so little, and my experience was so limited, that I would love to hear more from other moms about the challenges you've walked through with your children, and what it means to be a TCK. To kick off the discussion, I want to share an excellent article from an overseas blogger on the subject of being a TCK. It was written about a year ago, but the message is timeless, and it gives a beautiful visual that I won't soon forget.

Please go here to read the "purple people" article.

Then come back over and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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