A couple weeks ago I posted about cooking from scratch. We had some great discussion in the comments afterwards! But there was one question that came up which didn't receive an answer. I'd like to revisit that question again today. Can anyone help us?


I would love to know your trick for making homemade tortillas! I tried just this week and it was a disaster. I couldn't get them thin enough without falling to pieces so we ended up with thick tortillas that wouldn't easily bend. We can get flour tortillas in the store, but a recent diagnosis of celiac disease has me attempting to make a lot more things myself now, so I found a recipe using corn flour, salt and water.

I make flour tortillas all the time, but I have never succeeded at corn tortillas. I tried two different times, and then gave up. :-) It seems to me that the corn flour lacks the stickiness necessary to roll out a good tortilla. But I know it must be possible!

So what are your tricks, ladies? Have any of you made corn tortillas? Would you be willing to share your recipe? How do you roll them out and fry them without everything falling apart?

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