As a mommy of littles, mornings are a challenge. Gone are the days of sipping hot tea as I have a leisurely devotion time, while the smell of a baking breakfast casserole (prepared the night before) fills the house. Now there are diapers to change, trips to the potty, wet pajamas and bedsheets to deal with, children fussing for drinks, and a hundred other things to do before breakfast hits the table. If that isn't enough, early morning (as in 6-8am) is also the time we get all the door-to-door vendors selling the days' supply of fruits, vegetables, bread, etc. So it's not unusual to get 3 or 4 knocks on the door in the midst of getting children out of bed and breakfast on the table. And preparing something the night before? If I'm still standing by the time both boys are asleep, it's a miracle!

Where we live, breakfast cereal is non-existent or VERY expensive. So just throwing Cheerios on the table isn't an option. The most common breakfast eaten by our local friends is a watery corn or millet porridge which really doesn't do much for hungry tummies in my opinion. So what are my options? Eggs are fast, and we eat them with toast most days. But I get tired of serving the same thing over and over . . . and without cheese, bacon, sausage, and other "normal" breakfast foods, I feel at a loss to know how to put variety in our diet.

So this post is asking you for help, rather than giving you a lot of ideas. What are your favorite breakfast menus? How do you handle the morning rush and still put decent food on the table for your family? Please share ideas, suggestions and recipes!

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  • Muffins!!!
    If you have a freezer, bake up a big batch and thaw as needed. This is one of my absolute favorites, and makes use of the abundant butternut squash we can get here sometimes. Pumpkin would also work just as well. Since we don't have whole wheat flour, I've subbed oat flour for as much as half the three cups total flour called for. I also add raisins or chopped dates.

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  • Why not eat cornbread for breakfast? If you don't overdo the sugar, it's gonna be healthier than pancakes or other quick breads. Eat it alongside your eggs (why not hard boil them the day before and *voila* instant breakfast!). And it's ok for parents to have 'food privileges' the kids don't, so enjoy yours with some butter and honey :)

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  • Thanks for so many ideas, Valerie! I'd never thought of cold oatmeal... Sounds good!

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  • My kids love eggs, so they eat eggs almost every morning! Easy, quick and nutritious.

    from Lusaka, Zambia
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  • Yes, Robyn, I'm thankful my boys like eggs! Do you cook them different ways or just the same way every morning?

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  • I like making yogurt for breakfast. You can make it out of any kind of milk so I use powdered milk as it's the most widely available where I'm at. Warm milk+starter (either small amount of plain yogurt or freeze dried yogurt starter) then I incubate ut overnight in a thermos. Easy and yummy. You can mix in whatever fruit you have on hand or jam or honey... we also like pancakes and French toast on the weekends.

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  • Guest - Jenny

    - Peanut butter toast topped with bananas
    - potatoes and eggs (cook the potatoes the day before then cut them up and fry them with eggs)
    - French toast with eggs
    - pancakes (make a large batch and freeze some if you have a freezer!)
    - homemade granola cereal

    from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
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  • Guest - Sara

    We most often did the porridge idea, though we usually opted for a mixture of a flour made from beans, corn, and peanuts which seemed to have more substance than the local corn porridge. And I liked to supplement the porridge with fruit, toast, or cracker-like 'biscuits'. Our variation still gave us the feel of eating like our neighbors but also felt nutritious.
    Another one of the staples in our village was a thick corn porridge they ate every night. Even without a fridge, our leftovers would save well enough to be sliced, fried, and eaten with syrup. It reminded me of eating cornmeal mush like that for breakfast as a child.

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  • Eggs and toast take about the same amount of time to make as French toast... yum

    You know the "wheat porridge"? If you soak the cracked wheat overnight, you basically only have to bring it to a boil the next morning. Serve with milk powder and sugar. It's very substantial.

    We love the overnight oatmeal, I knew it as "Bircher Muesli" and I use only 5 ingredients... 1 cup milk, 1 cup yogurt, 2 cups dry oats, sugar to taste and some kind of fruit. Soak overnight. It's a favorite with us... almost like pudding... almost :-) Sometimes I make a big batch as it lasts for days in the fridge.

    Waffle/pancake batter also lasts for days in the fridge. Just pull out as needed.

    Lauren and I used to eat cold leftover rice like cold cereal, with milk and cinnamon sugar poured over it :-)

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  • So many great ideas from everyone! Thank you!!

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