Avocado. That smooth fleshy fruit that is almost not a fruit. A treasure trove of nutrients- boasting of vitamin C and other antioxidants, potassium and fiber and a high healthy fat content. I never used them much in the states, both because I didn't grow up on them and because they are so expensive most of the time. But when you can by them for the equivalent of ten cents at every corner....! Now I use them quite a bit.

There's the typical guacamole, of course, and we really enjoy that with our rice and beans. I often add avocado to smoothies for more nutrition and fat content. (In fact, when I made some pumpkin pie smoothies one day, with no avocado, my two year old son was scared to try it. Smoothies are meant to be *green*, in his experience!)

Because of their fat, avocados can be substituted as butter in baking. I was delighted to discover this, as butter is unavailable where we are, and I am not too keen on margarine. Recipes online will say you can substitute one on one for butter...  adding a bit more liquid since avocado will not melt like butter and baking at a lower temperature. The problem I have had is that...things turn out tasting like avocado, with a rather bitter edge. I've done only exchanging half the margarine for avocado,  but still wasn't able to hide it. Once- the first time I tried it- I made cookies that turned out a lovely shade of green and tasted delicious with no hint of the avocado bitterness. Was it the sweetness; all the sugar in the cookies covering the avocado, whereas something like bread wouldn't have enough sugar? I leave that to you all to experiment. =)

A little fact I was glad to learn from my sister-in-law: to keep avocado from turning brown, keep its' seed with it. Plop it in the middle of the guacamole or keep it on the half you didn't use and put back in the fridge. Why does it work that way? I don't know, but it does!

Here's a recipe I did find, adapted to my available ingredients and tastes. It uses a lot of avocado, which is nice if you have plenty on hand that need used. (By the way, you can freeze and use avocado later as well. Not for this dish though, probably. =) I am guessing at the amounts- I am not a measurer!


2 or 3 large avocado, depending on size
2 bananas
4 limes (actually, I used lemons...not key limes =)
1 pack of coconut cream powder
1/4 cup sugar
dash of vanilla, if desired

Put everything in blender and blend thoroughly till smooth. The mixture
will have a lovely pudding-like texture. Chill with grated lime peel for
garnish and enjoy! If your leftovers turn brown over the top, its' okay-
it's still yummy!


How do you use avocados? I'd love to see your favorite recipes!

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