Need a quick snack? I love to make protein balls - I love the way they taste, and I love that they're kind of good for me! I also love the extra fiber that this recipe has - I think I'll  make some for after Baby is born!

Chocolate Chia Fiber Balls

1/2 c. peanut butter (I like crunchy)

1/2 c. quick-cooking oats

1/4 c. honey

1/4 c. flaked coconut

2 Tbsp cocoa powder

2 Tbsp chia seeds

1/2 tsp vanilla

Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Roll into walnut-size balls, and roll balls in coconut or oats to coat. Refridgerate and enjoy!

Note: I actually never measure (except to check the measurements for this post!), I just pour in a scoop of this and a handful of that until it looks about right! There are all kinds of ways you can change this recipe, depending on what you like and what you have on hand.

A few ideas for endless variations:

Omit cocoa powder, coconut, and/or chia seeds

Add any combination of chocolate chips, raisins, chopped nuts, dried fruit as desired

Use maple syrup, corn syrup, or homemade sugar-syrup if you don't have access to honey

Use any kind of nut-butter instead of peanut butter

The best thing about protein balls is how many variations there are. Whatever you have on hand, just throw it together! A great idea from a friend of mine - if you have a fussy eater or a very young toddler, try rolling tiny pea-size balls. The smaller size goes down easier for little people, and are especially good if you have a child re-gaining weight after losing appetite with an illness.

Do you have a favorite protein ball recipe?

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  • Guest - Mar Esther Brubaker

    Looks yummy... I like fiber balls too. Any good ideas on what to use in oatmeal-less lands? =)

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  • You can use dates for the base of your recipe instead of PB and oats. I haven't tried either of these recipes, but here are two that I found online:

    Peanuts & Dates Energy Balls
    [makes about 12-13 balls or bars]

    1 C dry roasted peanuts, unsalted
    10-12 medjool dates, pitted, roughly chopped
    2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 tbsp creamy peanut butter [I had crunchy]
    1 tsp vanilla [I didn’t add]
    1/4 tsp fine sea salt
    Process peanuts in food processor (you can use Indian mixer, vita-mix, magic bullet, etc) until crumbly with some larger pieces. Be careful not to process too long.
    Empty into a bowl. Process dates into small pieces, until very sticky and become a gooey mass.
    With dates, add nuts into food processor, along with cocoa powder, peanut butter, salt + vanilla (if using).
    Pulse until mixed together. Do not over process. Scrape bowl once or twice.
    When you can form a ball with the dough, it’s done.
    Roll into balls or form into bars. Keep in air-tight container and refrigerate.

    Coconut Orange Date Balls
    2 cups merjool dates, de-seeded
    1 tablespoon Peanut Butter
    2 tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice
    A little shredded coconut to coat the balls

    Slice each date in half and pull out the seeds.
    put dates, peanut butter and orange juice in food processor and pulse until it has become a thick, sticky paste.
    Wet fingers and scoop roughly one tablespoon of paste out of food processor.
    Form it into a little ball and roll in a plate of dried, shredded coconut.
    Refrigerate to firm them up and serve. Enjoy!

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  • This is one of my favorite snacks, especially in areas where good snacks are harder to come up with. If I have it, I usually put in some milk powder or protein powder for extra protein. If you live somewhere where whole dates are available, you can add some of those (chopped up) and you hardly need additional sweetener.
    I've made protein balls without oats before when oats aren't available. They're not quite as yummy that way--and you lose most of the fiber--but it works fine, especially if you use chopped nuts and/or grated coconut to add some texture. I was wondering just the other day whether it would work to use boiled wheat kernels instead of oats...but I haven't tried it yet so it might be a flop.:)

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