Maybe you call it furlough, or maybe you call it home-leave or home-assignment. Whatever the term, it can be intimidating to look ahead. How do you prepare? Are you thinking of everything? How do you "live" in two worlds at the same time, planning and preparing for your months in the States at the same time you're wrapping up and saying goodbye in your host country?

Here are some resources that I found while we were preparing for furlough (and since we've been in the States) that have been a great help to me. Some are specific to furlough, some to permanent re-entry, and some just address transition in general. Also, if you haven't read the recent posts right here on TCKmom about how to provide stability for your children through transitions and how to survive a long plane ride with small children, you'll won't want to miss them!

This is a good planning-ahead article: 7 Things to Do 6 Months Before Departure

This helpful checklist focuses largely on the financial aspects of furlough planning: Home Assignment Checklist

If you're trying to organize a large number of speaking engagements, this might be useful: A Helpful App for Missionaries

More specific to permanently leaving your overseas assignment: 8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me and What {You} Ought to Know About Re-Entry

And for those helping children through all the changes: Little Lives in Big Transitions

What do you have to add? Any resources that have helped you with furlough preparation and transitions? Any personal words of advice for those facing it for the first time? Please share in the comments below!

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